The Moving Shadows

Darkness in Fuatugro
Session 5

In order to obtain weapons for the wood-elves of Oskein, task given to Kaiphos by them, the party travelled to the city of Fjollum in Hvamur, where the entrance to Fuatugro is located. Upon arriving at the city, however, they find a city in disaray, as it as weathered attackes from the mountain, and considers that Fuatugro has declared war on Hvamur. The party split in two: Xenia and Kaiphos went to investigate the mountain and possibly talk to the dwarves to get their side of the story, while Caladrel and Asemus remained in the city to help with defenses.

Asemus and Caladrel:

The two members decided to maximize their defense of the town, by training its civil militia and setting traps for an incoming army. As they were finishing up, a Hvammic army arrives in town and sets up perimeter. Fearing the wrath of the Wyvern-riding general, the mayor decides it would be best if the guests hid to avoid questioning. After succesfully dodging detection, the mayor sends them away to quell his fears. The duo decide to rejoin the other group in the mountain. Upon arriving in the city, and unable to locate their companions, they decide to investigate further, as shadows are lurking in their sights.

Xenia and Kaiphos find the marketplace in front of the gates to Fuatugro sacked and many corpses littering the plaza. Some dwarf corpses bear tattoos similar to the ones worn by Kaiphos. When entering a suspiciously unmanned gate, they find two Corrupt Dwarves guarding the gate from the inside. after disposing of their attackers, they take a service passage few among dwarves and fewer amongst men know about, leading them to the Commons of the city. They are greeted by guards and the Troll Hebus, a servant to the Emperor Daemeon Toto. The Emperor himself greets Kaiphos and Xenia, informing them that Kaiphos’ father Erebus Skotia has taken over Fuatugro, leading an army of “whatever darkness lies in the deep of the mountains”, and leaving the “loyal” dwarves cowering in a part of the Commons. They decide to go confront Kaiphos’ father, with the emperor lending Hebus to assist them. they are 20 minutes behind the other group.

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